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How to identify the quality of the paper diaper

How to identify the quality of the paper diaper. A good diapers will not let the baby red PP, red knots, allergy. Can the quality of a diaper from 9 perspectives; surface, absorbent core, a bottom, waist tape and waist elastic, cut, thickness, softness, appearance. The product selects the special treatment of the nonwoven surface, vitamin E protective layer double soft make the baby PP more comfortable; professional odor absorption function, carefully to protect the baby's skin; product selection of polymers at home and abroad the most advanced absorption materials, rapid absorption; design guide layer magic, with super urine to function; pinhole design unique to make the surface more, reducing friction, soft, can let the baby sleep more Ann ', cotton soft magic sticker and double-layer stereo leakproof isolation edge design, can effectively prevent the leg side leakage in active baby; side waist two times how dynamic elastic force are suitable and comfortable; 5 lock water, dry layer widened 16%, dry super suction, not the night urine leakage; highly breathable cotton soft outer layer, called Walk stuffy moisture gas; figure 8 ultra-thin design, do not let your baby form a O shape leg; the exquisite design, can enrich children's visual.


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