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Quality evaluation of wet wipes

1, The on the side of the nose gently smell, if quality wipes we will smell a soft and elegant taste, it doesn't stimulate any. If it is a pack of inferior wipes, we in the smell of time, will feel obvious excitant odour.
2, Quality wipes a woman flowers wipes used is the quality of raw materials, we can see the non-woven white, no impurities. And inferior wipes their raw materials is poor, we can see that the above has the obvious impurity, quality wipes in the use process, there will be no pilling phenomenon is obvious, while the inferior wipes with cottony phenomenon was evident in the use process.
3, Remove the wet wipes, wet towel if already had a long mildew, mildew, which do not use wet towel. If in the course of the use of wipes feeling skin irritation, itching, pain compared to this feeling, should immediately stop using, so as not to cause greater harm.
4, Carefully check the product endorsement, choose a detailed site, telephone service, health standards, enterprise standards and related health departments for the record number of documents such as the formal product manufacturers.


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