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How long for a baby diaper

Baby diapers, good ventilation property, hygroscopicity strong, not easy to have a diaper rash, for the mothers who brought a lot of convenience, but because the diapers used more plastic film as external water resisting layer, thus greatly limits its permeability. The term does not replace may have red ass, dermatitis symptoms, so baby use diapers should be changed frequently, so that the baby's comfort and avoid the occurrence of disease.
The replacement frequency of baby diapers should be based on children's month to adjust:
Neonatal period because of the bladder is not fully developed, can not be stored for a long time the urine in the body, so the paper diaper change times more, usually within 24 hours to replace diapers number up to 10 times, go to bed before and after each feeding, the child after stool, are required to replace the paper urine trousers.
Baby infant period, the day can change every 3 hours, a little time can change a 4-6 hour, night night can change two or just for once.
In addition to the mothers of some small suggestions when changing diapers:
Changing diapers in hand to the dry cleaner, the baby wear new diaper in the buttocks before apply some ointment to prevent wet diapers.
When changing diapers do not pack too tightly, otherwise easily lead to the occurrence of eczema, dermatitis and other diseases.
Try to choose hygroscopic strong, breathable diaper belt and leg cutting design, suitable size, so the baby comfortable, but also good for baby skin.


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