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The newborn can use diapers

Diaper is composed of a surface coating layer, an absorbent core layer and the bottom cloth of three main parts, the absorption core layer containing with adsorption sponge body and fiber layer, long-term use will cause harm to the baby skin, easy to appear the situation of red buttock. So I suggest the mothers, as far as possible to the newborn does not use or less use diapers, in order to protect the delicate skin of a newborn.
If, under special circumstances, such as just after birth mother not convenient used cleaning newborn diapers at the hospital, can give the baby use diapers. There are specialized for diapers neonatal production, advised mother to buy cotton, paper diaper size suitable for the newborn. Neonatal meconium and more difficult to clean up, mom should replace the baby often, and replaced with warm water after cleaning the fart fart, so that the baby would not have red butt.
There is also a treasure mom share experiences, newborns with diaper in the hospital or go out, at home. Select the diapers have to choose a good permeability, absorbing, baby wear is comfortable.


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