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The correct use of diapers five points for attention

Diapers are baby care products that are widely used in the. So the parents how to use diapers? In the process of use and need to pay attention to what? 
The joint of diapers 
Change for baby diapers, diapers to make joint sticks, it is very important. In general, need parents to ensure that the fingers dry and clean, avoid tape and skin contact. If you use the baby care products, such as oil, powder or bath dew, more need to pay special attention to, prevent joint adhesion.  
Allergic phenomenon  
In the use of diapers, if found the baby skin allergic phenomenon, should immediately stop using, change another brand for its use may not be allergic, or alternating with cloth diapers to use for a period of time, perhaps baby can be adapted to the.  
Change in time 
After baby in diapers, can form a damp, stimulating environment, is not conducive to the health of the baby's skin. Thus, even though the diapers are easy to use, but should not be worn for a long time, often should change. In addition, don't immediately after remove the diapers to replace new diapers, should let the baby's skin and proper ventilation, keep the skin is dry, is helpful to reduce the generation of diaper rash. 
Change the diapers 
 Time to change baby's diapers: each time before or after feeding, every time after defecate, the baby before going to bed, baby after wake up, take your baby before you go out.  
Change the diapers 
Parents at the time of changing diapers, should be to prepare a clean diapers, a packet of wet wipes, a baby's urine insulation mattresses, a soft towel, a small basin of warm water, a moderate amount of urine rash cream or petroleum jelly. Before each change diapers parents need water and soap to wash their hands, to avoid bacterial contamination urine trousers. It is important to note that don't leave the baby alone in the bed. 
Changing diapers steps: let the baby lying down on the bed, mattress in the baby's body through urine, remove the wet diapers, raise the baby's feet up fixed well, with a wet towel to wipe down the. After they clean the baby hips up, coated with vaseline oil. Then baby diapers tape part of lang to direction, waist cushion in the baby's buttocks, wrap the diapers. Package, after the parents with their hands index finger into the diapers, test whether diapers too tight or too loose. If the baby's umbilical cord has not fall off. To avoid diapers friction time, in the edge on the diapers to fold, in order to show time. Finally will double side tape on diapers matte surface, convenient to paste. 
 If the baby is wet, change the diapers; If the baby shit, parents should use a wet towel or soft towels to wipe off the stool, reoccupy warm baby's hips to clean clean and dry. 
The baby's skin is very soft, so for selected diapers, parents should spend some of idea, as far as possible from the normal bazaar, supermarket to buy. When parents buy in baby diapers, still need to pay attention to: qiu dong season use diapers should be upset, absorbent strong, while spring and summer is not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption intensity, should choose the light and more.
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