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Cuddledry Baby DiaperCuddledry Baby Diaper

Cuddledry Baby Diaper

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Cuddledry Baby Diapers


1) Super soft non-woven top sheet is well breathable and absorbent, keeps baby dry and natural.

2) Fluff fiber mixed with highly absorbent polymers draw in and condense all moisture instantly.

3) Double leak guard, made of hydrophobic non-woven, to prevent leakage.

4) Colorful frontal tape, with strong side mini tapes, refasterning for many times untill suit baby's body.

5) Ealstic waist band, best fitting baby’s waist and preventing the back leakage.

6) Carton wetness indicators, easy for moms to change the diaper in time.

7) Unisex design.

- Available in size S, M, L and XL

- Backsheet selection:

1. Cloth-like backsheet (Non-woven + PE film)

2. Micro embossing PE film


Contact: Sain Sanitary

Phone: 86- 157 1691 1140

Tel: 86- 157 1691 1140


Add: No.190 PingAn Road, Qiaoxi Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (Mainland)/050000

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