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 Medinaps Adult Diapers

Medinaps Adult Diapers


1. Dry and soft non-woven surface, with ADL under the topsheet, for absorbing quickly.

2. Super absorbent core, rich in imported fluff pulp(from USA) and SAP(from Japan).

3. Double leak guard and leg cuff, perfectly prevent side leakage.

4. Printed frontal tape and strong adhesive side tapes, refastening for many times untill fit user's body.

5. Breathable backsheet, PE film and cloth-like are available.

6. Package: 10pcs/bag; Customized.

Ideal for:

a. Patients staying in bed for a long time, the aged unable to move freely

b. Those with incontinence, paralysis or partial paralysis

c. Those who have frequent or urgent urination but can’t go to toilet in time in case of traveld.

d. Those who can’t go to toilet in a long time in case of coach bus trip, traffic jam, or grand art show or competition.

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